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Spirulina Face Mask

What is Spirulina anyway??

Spirulina is a superstar of superfoods and has fabulous benefits for our skin. This little blue- green gem is actually an algae that grows in fresh and salt water. Spirulina is bursting with fabulousness. It contains all the nine non-essential and eight essential amino acids for healthy skin. Other substances obtained from the algae such as chlorophyll also help by strengthening tissues and purifying the skin. Spirulina is also an incredible rich source of the antioxidant beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is well known for alleviating skin complaints such as psoriasis and acne.

Spirulina works wonders on treating dark circles. Its detoxifying effects give your eyes new energy and power, removing dark circle.

Spirulina contains tyrosine, vitamin E or tocopherol, and selenium, all of which are known for their anti-ageing effects. Tyrosine slows down the ageing of skin cells. The antioxidants present in it eliminate free radicals which are responsible for skin aging.

Spirulina facilitates faster cell turnover that helps skin heal faster. It wards off free radicals and eliminates toxins from the skin to increase skin metabolism.

 Face Mask recipe

So with all these benefits what’s not to love about our little face mask. It is a superhero in its on right so we don’t need to add loads of other bits to have a fab pamper session.

For dry skin

Add 2 teaspoons of spiulina to 1 teaspoon of runny honey ( a great humectant!) and mix well.

For oily skin

Add 2 teaspoons of spirulina with 1 teaspoon of Cranberry juice ( fab for oily skin)

Mix your mask together into a paste and apply to you face and neck with your fingers or a soft brush. Leave for 20 minutes and then remove with a face cloth and warm water. Finish off with Ginger Stones # 3 Everyday Moisturiser or one of our #2 Face Serums.


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