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Reviews and Testimonials

Thank you to all our lovely customers who send us reviews and feedback. Hearing from you and how much you love our products means so much to us.


'Thank you to Elly and her team for creating a range of products where you feel safe using them.
Watching people I care about struggle with the effects of toxic treatments on the body I have tried to live with a preventative attitude with regard to what you put on your skin. I'm far from a purist and have struggled to find products that you can trust and are authentic. Ginger Stone have created a simply range that suits the everyday needs to nourish your skin and keep you safe.
I've tried the samples and am now a very happy customer and have purchased my first order using the website which is all very easy
Have a go ! I'd highly recommend it ! '
Sallie from Southsea

'I' ve finally found your website as I’d forgotten your company name! I bought some products from you at a fair in the summer. I’d like to buy some more body balm for a friend. I gave her some last year and it really helped her and her son through hay fever hell!!' Matt.W

'I came across Elly and Ginger Stone at a craft fair and chatted to her about a reaction to cosmetics that had caused the skin under my eyes to thicken and dry. Everything I'd tried had either not worked or worked for a day or two and then the dryness had returned. I bought the everyday moisturiser not expecting much and it made such a difference I was back at another craft fair buying the cleansing oil and rejuvenating night serum within 8 days. Not only did the products cure the problem they have made my skin, which has never been my finest feature, better than I can recall for years. I really adore these products, they are reasonably priced and are in a different league to the off the shelf products most of us have bought for years. I have just restocked and will probably try the body balm next.

Well done Elly you really are making a difference, offering an alternative way and I wish you every success.' Sarah. T. Highcliffe, Dorset.

'Just to say thank you for the lovingly packed facial serum. I was given some of your products at Christmas and am so pleased with them . The cleansing oil is amazing and does such a thorough job. My every good wish for your continued success and for the wonderful products.' Gill.S, Wareham